I think someone’s at the door… #crazyeyes

1 year ago

#STL #TedDrewes (Taken with Instagram)

1 year ago
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Why am I not doing what I’m supposed to be doing!!?!?!??!

My brain says “Do it!!”

And I reply with, “… what if somebody posted something new on Facebook? What if there is an interesting news article on Yahoo? Shouldn’t I send some texts to people I know and let them know I care? I’ll bet there is something interesting being pinned right this second on pinterest!  Did my sister write a new blog entry? More twitter updates! Did somebody play me on SongPop?  What about Words with Friends?  Should I get some more internet games?  It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on tumblr…”

Finally by brain is too overwhelmed by these thoughts that it shuts off until boredom once again sets in.  Then it yells again “Do it!” And I repeat the process of going through every internet time killer I can think of.

Why?????  Why not just do it???????

2 years ago

Best group of siblings ever. (Taken with Instagram)

2 years ago

I lived! I avoided the zombies! (Taken with Instagram)

2 years ago

#summernights #happydog (Taken with Instagram)

2 years ago
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Whatever we were doing, it freaked him out…

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July Photo Challenge Day 31 - Self Portrait. I am what I love. (Taken with Instagram)

2 years ago

July 30 - Celeb Crush. I love Yadi. (Taken with Instagram)

2 years ago

July 29 - Calendar (Taken with Instagram)

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